PDH's (Professional Development Hours) are not work hours. You will be prompted to add your work history later in the process. The PDH's must have been obtained within the 3 year period prior to your certification expiring.  In most cases the certified professional will have participated in several categories that have already provided them these hours. The required hours will be shown in your "Certification Portal" on your particular certification.

Professional Development Hours (PDH's) can be corrosion related continuing education or training.  This could be things such as, but not limited to, 
courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, technical committee meeting, technical writings, reading of corrosion related technical papers, safety training, training provided by equipment manufacturers (ie Sherwin Williams, Denso, Carboline)etc.

NACE offers some online courses that provide PDH's.  To view our list of online course and PDH's hours (if any apply) please visit: https://www.nace.org/education/courses-by-program/ecourses

For information on PDH's please click on the following link for a video on Professional Develop Hours:

For a video on Certification renew please see: