Effective January 1, 2021 all new certification and certification renewals will require completion of an Ethics course. 

For more information please visit the following link: https://www.ampp.org/education/education-resources/courses-by-program/general-corrosion/ethics-for-the-corrosion-professional

AMPP will be offering an Ethics for the Certified Professional course.  It will be delivered online and will meet the Ethics Course requirement and provide 2 PDH's (Professional Development Hours).

To Purchase your Ethics course from your Certification Portal:

  • Click the tab to Purchase Ethic for the Corrosion Professional
  • Click the red tab to "Purchase Now".  This will take you to the AMPP store.
  • Once in the "Store" you will click on "Login" at the top right and then choose you are a returning customer.
  • This will allow the store to recognize your member status.
  • Follow the prompt to checkout and complete your purchase

To access your eCourse after you purchase you will:

  • Log into your AMPP profile
  • Click on the box marked "Online Course
  • Click on the blue link for the Ethics for the Corrosion Professional

Once the course has been completed, it typically takes 24 hours for the Ethics fulfillment to reflect as updated in your Certification Portal.