Professional Development Hours will be required for any certification. PDH's must be logged in two separate categories with the total number (or more) hours for the PDH's required. You will need to provide these hours to submit for renewal.  PDH's are not work hours.

Professional Development Hours (PDH's) can be corrosion related continuing education.  This could be things such as, but not limited to, courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, technical committee meeting, technical writings, reading of corrosion related technical papers, safety training, etc.

NACE offers some online courses that provide PDH's.  To view our list of online course and PDH's hours (if any apply) please visit:

NACE also offers some Webcasts that are good for Professional Development Hours.  You would have to be in attendance during the Webcast to gain the PDH's.  You would not be eligible for the PDH's by watching on Demand.  Please visit the link provided for information on upcoming Webcasts:

For additional information on PDH's please visit:

You will also have the ability record your Professional Development Hours as you achieve them. This way they will be ready when it is time to submit your renewal application.  To store you PDH's  you will log into your NACE profile and click on "My Certification Portal" and then choose "Manage PDH's" (the last link on the bottom left).  By clicking on the "Add PDH's" tab you will be able to enter them as you complete them and have them stored inside your "Certification Portal"