Your Certification credentials for CIP1/CP1/BCI1 are automatically issued within 2-3 weeks of successfully completing all certification requirements including: 

  1. Coursework
  2. Passing Practical and Computer Based Testing (CBT) exams as applicable
  3. Completing Ethics requirements

Certifications are issued digitally in the My Certification Portal under My Credentials and you are able to view, save or print them as needed, AMPP no longer issues physical certification cards.    

If you have successfully completed all steps but are not able to view your Certification credentials on the homepage of your My Certification Portal or in My Credentials you may need to add your course to your profile.  To do this please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your My Certification Portal
  2. Click Browse Credentials 
  3. Locate the appropriate course
  4. Click Add to Home Page
  5.  Navigate back to the main page of the My Certification Portal
  6. Ensure that all requirements have been met paying close attention to the Ethics requirements

If your Certification credentials are still not visible, please contact our Customer Support team for further troubleshooting by calling 1-800-797-6223 or emailing