Your New AMPP Credential is Here!


Your AMPP coatings inspector credential is now available! Once you accept the new terms, your credential will activate. You can access the terms & conditions by logging into your profile through My Certification Portal. Acceptance of the new agreement is necessary to receive your AMPP Coatings Inspector credential and the associated digital credential or badge.


AMPP Credential Digital Badge_CIP_Level1_final

AMPP Credential Digital Badge_CIP_Level2_final

AMPP Credential Digital Badge_CIP_Level3_final

What are digital credentials?

AMPP offers digital credentialing to replace current physical certification cards. With your digital credential, you can validate your credential directly from your phone at any time. You can access your digital credentials through My Certification Portal. For more information on digital credentials, visit our digital credentials page.


As always, thank you for being a certified credential holder!


Keenan Loubser
 Senior Director, Credentialing