How Can I Activate My New AMPP Credential?


Your AMPP coating inspector credential will activate once you sign the new agreement (revised terms & conditions) related to your credential. To help with this process, we are providing a link to the terms & conditions for you to review in advance. The acceptance of this agreement is necessary to receive your associated AMPP Coating Inspector credential.


How will the transition work?


When the AMPP Coating Inspector Program launches next month, you will receive a notification email from AMPP Certifications that your new credential is ready for you to activate. Once you accept the terms and conditions, your new AMPP credential will be active, but will not activate until then.


What are the levels for the AMPP Coating Inspector Program?

  • Level 1 - Basic Coatings Inspector
  • Level 2 - Certified Coatings Inspector
  • Level 3 - Senior Certified Coatings Inspector


What do I need to do right now?

Right now, nothing needs to be done other than to keep your NACE CIP or SSPC PCI credential current. More information will be shared in the weeks ahead, along with a notification that your AMPP credential is ready and active.


As always, thank you for being a certified credential holder!


Keenan Loubser
 Senior Director, Credentialing